MX0 – ch83 – 2nd Magical Examination (Scanlated)

Completed scanlated work:

These MX0 translations were done for a group by the name of Franky-House, in conjunction with another group called Mahou-X.

Translated in 2008.

Words on left: The appearance of this man… is the season of trials for Kuzumi!?
Words across the fat guy: promotion for their series. Ignore this.
Text below picture:
The story so far
Kuzumi doesn’t use magic, yet he attends a magic school and is known there for having vast experience in magic. He’d upgraded to the MO plate that has the power to cancel out magic and settled the uproar during the Culture Festival. What lies in wait for Kuzumi now is…..!?
Seinagi High is welcoming the seasonal uniform change / as well as examinations yet again.
Text on right: It’s tough having exams in a Magic School too!! (especially for somebody)
Taiga: Magical Exam huh…… / as always / it comes without warning—-
In box: There are 3 magical exams a year / It is an important exam for those who want to prove themselves and advance in magical ranking.
Guy: Kuzumi!! This time we won’t lose to your class!!
Guy: I haven’t competed properly with you before. So don’t borrow some weird power from the people in class.
Taiga: I know! The teachers will be watching closely, they’ll deduct points if we do so. / but not asking for magical help is an excuse. I can only pass if I do that. / and I hope there’re no leeches. / then again, this is important / Lucy has been discovered by Hiiragi so I can’t depend on her anymore
Lucy: I see… good luck
Aika: yep thanks! / ah, Kuzumi-kun! It’s almost time to assemble. Let’s do our best and get good results!!
Taiga: You sure are all fired up.
Aika: yea! Previously at the last moment of the last moment, I troubled Kuzumi, so this time I must concentrate my energy!!
Lucy: Taiga, how are your preparations for the exam? Is it better for me to help?
Taiga: stupid, shh! Shhh—-
Lucy: it’s ok, only Taiga can hear. And I’ll let only Taiga see me—-
In box: Though Lucy let Aika and co. see her true form, the existence of the mandrake network used to help Kuzumi hasn’t been revealed.
Taiga: oh I see… If she communicates with me only then it’ll be the same as before.
Lucy: yep yep
Taiga: hmm~~~ but what if someone finds out that you helped me? Then wouldn’t everything that I’ve done so far be under suspicion… / Even if you hide yourself during the magic exam it’s easy to be hit by the magic of others. It’s really dangerous. / It’s best not to stay next to me.
Taiga: Anyway, use the mandrake network to check things out first. Come to help when things get dangerous.
Lucy: ok
Aika: Kuzumi-kun, hurry—-
Taiga: aa….. / bye now!!
In box: Magic Examination Hall
Guy: Good, everyone’s here. / Then let Class C’s examination begin!!
Guy: The examination this time has only oneclause. [mirror in mirror]
Boy: mirror in mirror? / he means mirror.
Guy: Everyone takes a card from this box. / All you have to do is put your card at the place that’s written on the card.
Boy: Only that? Nothing else?
Guy: Nothing. / when the 5 people have put their cards in the designated places the exam will end. Your rankings will be decided by your completion time of the exam. / Another thing. Even if the times taken to reach the places are different, the overall time will determine your grade.
Boy: And I thought it’ll be difficult. This is more relaxed in comparison to the previous exam.
Boy2: but it can’t be that simple. He said something about mirrors.
Guy: That’s right. The way you get there is rather special.
Guy: You will enter and exit the mirrors there. / Your destination is also a magical dimension in the mirrors.
Taiga: In the mirrors?
Guy: Everything in the dimension is backwards. But it’s exactly the same as Seinagi High. / After you enter, you can only exit if you’ve been disqualified or passed the exam. / There is one rule to follow in the mirrors. / [You must not be reflected by a mirror in the mirrors] / The dimension in the mirrors has mirrors as well. If you are reflected you’ll be forcefully brought to the real world. / but it’s alright to be reflected by things similar to [Mirrors] like glass or metal. / What counts as being reflected is being able to recognise yourself in the mirror! Even if you close your eyes you’ll be disqualified.
Guy: You’re given one chance. You’ll be ejected with no way to get in again for the second time, so take note of that.
Boy: Once huh… / we just need to not get reflected, right?
Guy: of course there are other magical traps. / to get through these is also part of the exam.
Taiga: Oo-sensei!
<- Ooki sensei
Taiga: I understand how you feel. / but won’t you reveal that you have platform soles when you stand on the platform?
Ooki: ah—- it’s you again, Kuzumi~~~!! Shut your mouth!!
Taiga: But if I’m in the mirrors I can’t count on Lucy’s help. / even so, I can do something this time round even with no magic… but it’ll be tougher than the previous exam for sure…
Ooki: Well then, everyone take your cards. / Don’t forget to write down your destinations!
Taiga: Year 1 Class F!
Kumi: Library?
Mitchon: Home economics.
Aika: I’m 2-B
Kaoru: The Dark Arts!!
Guy: May we begin? The class with disqualifications will be ranked lower than those with more people. / You have to cooperate as a group and work towards the target of having everyone pass. / Get set / GO!!
Class: oooh! / cool, I went in / the goal’s first place!! / is it really ok to go in. / yeah, move it!!
Voice: wa~~!! / aaa~~~!!
Taiga: This is… the corridor! / is it only me? / hello
Sign: men’s toilet
Taiga: looks like I really stepped into a mirror.
Taiga: whatever it is, I just have to get to 1-F… / the others are somewhere else. / THAT IS! / I have to be careful not to get reflected so soon.
Kaoru: Hello is anyone there!! / Kuzumi~~~ / what the hell, is there anyone here? / what cooperation, we can’t cooperate like this.
Kumi: ah!! Ise
Kaoru: Mikuni! phew
Kumi: Just you?
Kaoru: yeah, you too huh
Kumi: it seems everybody got separated. / what now. Do we go to our destination first?
Kaoru: that’s good too. / this looks like the 4th floor. Your destination and mine is on the 1st floor. We might meet others on our way there. / ok, lets hurry to the destination. / it can’t be that topsy-turvy in a mirror. We’ll be alright as long as we’re careful.
Kumi: but didn’t he say there’re traps?
Kaoru: We just have to be careful not to get caught.
Kumi: heh… you have a surprisingly dependable side to you, Ise.
Kumi: my.. my opinion of you has changed a little.
Kaoru: ah… what, suddenly……
Kumi: um. I don’t know what to do at a time like this. / actually i… have wanted to give you something for a long time / can you open it and have a look?
Kaoru: Mikuni and… me? / hehe… what is this. / I give in ahaha…
Kaoru: ah… MIRROR~~~~!!! / Mikuni!! You…
Kumi: you’re not careful enough. You should’ve used magic to check it first. You’ve made one mistake.
Kaoru: WAA~~~~~…..
Mitchon: Kumi…
Aika: that was ise’s voice just now / Mitchon!!! / yay, I found you!!
Mitchon: Kumi!
Kumi: !? ME?
Aika: what… what happened?
Mitchon: The fake Kumi used that mirror and made Ise-kun…
Kumi: It’s a trap huh. He got kicked out so quickly.
Aika: It’s a relief Mitchon’s alright.
Mitchon: Aika… is it you? / this could be a trap.
Kumi: ………… Mitchon, what about you?
Aika: stop it, you two!!
Taiga: What ‘a few traps’ / what is that. / Something that’s like a mirror all over is rolling about… won’t I get reflected for sure…….

Bgw: The horrifying mirror hell!!!


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