About Me

I will be posting my past translation works and also current projects on this blog. I have been doing translations on and off from Chinese to English for a few years now and started out with a scanlating group under the nickname michiyohayashi.

As “real life” caught up with me I stopped translating for a bit. Eventually, my husband (Makhan – we met online through the scanlation group) encouraged me to get to translating again so I’m trying my hand at Chinese light novels now.

If you have something that you absolutely have to bring to my attention, I have created a Gmail account for you, honourable readers, to contact me by. No guarantee I’ll read it right away though.

The email:        translationraven@gmail.com


Are you part of a group?

No, right now I’m doing the translation, editing and updating of this wordpress on my own.

Are you a machine translator or a real translator?

I translate with my brain. It’s a sort of computer I suppose.

Are you a certified translator?

No, I am not. I do plan to eventually get my certification if translation works out well for me.

Do you have a day job or do you translate all the time?

I am now a full-time mum. I am a certified English teacher and a certified Chinese teacher and have taught these languages in Poland, Japan, Singapore and Switzerland.

How many languages do you speak/write?

English – Native

Chinese – Native

German – A2

Polish – Basic (Level 0.5)

Japanese – Basic

Spanish – I can ask for directions and say simple phrases.

Malay – I can ask for directions and say simple phrases.

Korean – I can ask for directions and say simple phrases.


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