MX0 – ch84 2nd Magical Examination Two (Scanlated)

Completed scanlated work:

These MX0 translations were done for a group by the name of Franky-House, in conjunction with another group called Mahou-X.

Translated in 2008.

Words on left: Watch me now, other than being a pervert, there are other aspects to me
Words below:
<So far>
Taiga attends a magic school but doesn’t know any magic. Yet he is known in school as a master of magic. The second magical exam is here for Taiga. The exam is to get to the destination within the reversed school grounds without getting reflected!! Will Taiga’s little team make it?!
M:84 2nd Magical Examination Two
Text on mirror: Ise has been forcefully brought back to the real world!!
Ise: Uwa—-
Ooki: ho. Ise has one penalty.
Ise: ow…
Ooki: speaking of which, you came out too quickly.
Ise: That was low! Is that kind of lie even counted?!
Ooki: What lie? This exam tests your awareness and ability to use magic to deal with any situation you’re in. / Alright, if you don’t go back quickly you’d have wasted precious time.
Ise: Damn—- If I mess up again I’ll be disqualified… I have to get good results…
Ise: I must not fail!!
Taiga: Wa~~~~!! / uwa that was close…. / It’s faster than I’d thought
Taiga: it was motionless when I discovered it. Lucky thing I was in its blind spot. I escaped by a hair’s breadth. But if it’d rolled over, there would’ve been no blind spots.
BGW: Reflective boundary
Taiga: I don’t want to meet it again. / the reflective boundary and distance might not be related, so if I’m in the same area as it, I’m done for. / ya~~~~~ / Where? Where will it come from?!
Taiga: aaaah / Looks like it’ll be difficult for it to climb up. I can rest easy for now. / It can roll around downstairs for all I care. / …….Crap!! / There might be others below! / Hey—-!! / Is there anyone on the 2nd floor~~~ A mirror went down, be careful—
Taiga: Hey—-!!
Ball: Hey—- / Is there anyone~~~
Taiga: Wha…. What~~~~?!!
Ball: Hey—- / Hey—-
Taiga: That thing can imitate my voice~~~~!!! / Is it trying to lure other people? It’s full of dirty tricks!! / Be careful! That guy’s a fake! / Don’t be fooled by it~~~!!!
Voice: Hey– Hey—
Ise: That’s Kuzumi’s voice… / Is it real this time?/ I can’t make any more mistakes. / I gotta check it out— / Kuzumi, here, over here~~~!! Get over here quickly
Taiga: It’s Ise! Watch out— / That’s not me!! / Hey—!!
Ise: It’s coming / Kuzumi!!! / Don’t blame me for this!! /Quick Magnet N Magnet Cloth Curtain
Ise: Hooyah—-!!! How’s that? I made this S Quick Magnet!! / Got ya!! Be honest!! Let me see if you’re real or a fake. / …eh? It’s hard.
Taiga: Hey—– Hey—–
Ball: Hey—– Hey—–
Hey> <Hey
Ise: This is like surround sound.
Taiga: I don’t see it in front!!
Taiga: Beware of the thing that’s emitting my voice~~~~!! / It’s in front of me now~~~ / Waa—-!! / That hurt… eh? Ise / … ah, is this that mirror? / I gotta hand it to you, Ise!!
Taiga: alright, it’s harmless now. / You took care of it pretty easily.
Ise: You…… are you really Kuzumi?
Taiga: You’re still saying that. / If I’m a trap, I wouldn’t destroy other traps.
Use: That… That’s true. / I’ve made a mistake already. / I have to be more careful. / I must get good results this time. / The other time I relied too much on others so I only got to Cr Plate. / If I don’t redeem myself this time, it’ll be impossible for me to get a Silver Plate when I get to 2nd Year…
Taiga: In other words, Ise has always been competitive towards his brother. But—- It’ll be tough to win over that guy. / since you’re so determined, use your magic to take care of stuff from now on!! / I’ll create opportunities for you to shine.
Ise: Use my own magic… to take care
Taiga: No problem, I’ll help. / it’s underhanded, but please forgive me. I can count on you only now. / Your Magnet Magic is convenient and really suitable for this exam!! What you lack is confidence.
Ise: Yes. / Re—lly.
Taiga: Ok, though I’m worried about the other 3 too, it’ll be better if we get to our destinations first. / This is the 2nd floor, our destinations are downstairs.
Ise: I don’t know if there’re any more traps.
Taiga: You have to pretend there are. The most troublesome are mirrors that have been placed all over. We’re OUT as soon as we discover them.
Ise: If we don’t find them, we can’t advance.
Taiga: This is where your magic comes in! / How is it? Anything?
Ise: No, it’s clear.
Taiga: Alright, proceed!!
Ise: I see, use mirrors to confirm the location of other mirrors.
Taiga: because the rule is that as long as it’s not a complete [Mirror] it’s fine.
Taiga: Using water, we can magnetise it and mount it on a black board and construct a makeshift mirror. It’s adequate enough for us to check our surroundings.
On diagram text right to left: Black board / water
Taiga: Though it’s magic, it’s like an invention.
Ise: To think of such a great idea so quickly, you’re Kuzumi indeed. / it’s my magic but I’ve never thought of this before.
Taiga: I… I’m not that great. / Because if I don’t think of something good I won’t live to see tomorrow.
Ise: good, OK!
Taiga: Hurry!! / The dark arts is there
On diagram text: 1st floor / Current location / Dark Arts
Ise: Some… something’s coming!!
Taiga: What is that thing that resembles Oo-sensei? / u… / Ise!! I get the feeling that it’s dangerous, move aside—!!
Ise: Waa—
Taiga: This guy… / he has a mirror hidden in his mouth! / be careful, if you meet it head on you’ll be disqualified!
Ise: seriously?! Are you alright?
Taiga: wa….. / trying to shake me off….!? / Crap…
Ise: Kuzumi!! Is its mouth facing this direction?
Taiga: Yeah
Ise: Then it’s good.
Ise: [Magnetic Jewel 11]!!!
Monster: ugwoh—
Taiga: It got attracted to the door—!!!
Bgw: It got attracted by Ise’s unexpected move!!
Ise: I can do it if it’s just blocking up its mouth!!

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