Kekkaishi 136 – Hostage (Scanlated)

Completed scanlated work:

This Kekkaishi translation was done for a group by the name of Franky-House.

Translated in 2008.

NOTE: I’m translating from Mandarin and Japanese. I refer to the tankobans when the Mandarin raw is too blurred or when there’re names to translate.

Translated from:

Pages 12 – 21
Chapter 136 – Hostage
Misao: boso boso / Sweet child / I will let you awaken… / I will give you life… / Please… / Be my friend…
Misao: It’s not working…
Bgw: ha—-
Misao: Seems like it doesn’t want to be my friend… / Finished! / Yosh!
Bgw: fufufu
Misao: Your name is [Nawata]! / Find something useful and bring it back!! Nawata!!
Nawata: pokon / bgw: I’m back!
Misao: Wa! That’s fast! / eh… another rope?
Misao: Sutan / Where is the exit… / eh?
Masa: The rain clouds have not dispersed yet. / Maybe it’s because the Amaarashi babies are still nearby. Most of them escaped. / Are there any changes in the other boxes?
Guy: No… / The lids seem to have little movement, or none at all… / we’ve found 20 boxes so far. / Though Hakota is searching for them, the bad weather conditions make it difficult for him to spot the black boxes… / How ‘bout you? Found anything?
Guy: Nada.
Guy: What kinda box is this?
Masa: Though we know already… The box itself isn’t a demon, but it is a tool with a spell on it… / Just that… / We haven’t figured out a way to break or cancel the spell.
Guy: To seal it from outside isn’t a problem… the problem is that somebody has been taken… / we’ve tried many spells but they all had no effect. It might be because the seal is especially strong or the spell is a unique one… / It’s likely that nobody other than the spellcaster can lift the lid. / Just what is it… / in the box…
Guy: Crap… / Most have been discovered.
Guy: Damnit!! / What now? What now?
Misao: Box…
Misao: It’s him… / he pulled me into the box…
Guy: I’ll do it… / Open.
Guy: Alright… it’s your turn.
Guy: Open!
In box: Meanwhile, at Karasumori…
Yoshi: Hey… / what can you find out by dancing that weird dance?
Okuni: They’re not dancing, they’re diagnosing the box. Can’t you tell?
Yoshi: NO WAY!!
Hatori: Okuni-sama, / I’ll go check and see if there’re any more boxes.
Okuni: Oh? How nice of you to help.
Masa: Karasumori has the same thing?
Hatori: Yes. / We are investigating on this side too. I’ll contact you immediately if we find out anything. / you haven’t found the two missing children yet?
Masa: yes… / But it’s better than finding corpses. / Though I really hope they can take care of themselves… / Misao is an obedientchild…
Hatori: No she’s not, chief…
Hatori: Misao does prefer to play alone, / but she’s not as obedient as you think.
Guy: Open. / touch
Guy: Argh—-!! / How can I hold out till daybreak like this… / but… / if it comes to it, I still have a last resort… / If I tear apart the hostage brat as an example… / There should be a way. / hmm? / Where did that rope go?
Misao: I need to escape… / but where… / Those paper squares should be exits… / but…
Misao: a child’s voice?
Bgw: nngh—!!
Misao: Akira?!
Misao: You OK?
Bgw: cough cough
Misao: So I wasn’t the only one…
Bgw: Where is this?
Misao: If I tear apart the hostage brat as an example…

Akira: Misao-neechan?


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