Fairy Tail ch68 – Goodbye (Scanlated)

Completed scanlation work.

This Fairy Tail translation was done for a group by the name of Franky-House.

Translated in 2008.

Sorry it took so long… Had to research a few things. You can see the many notes scattered throughout this translation… And Fairy Tail is a HQ project [I think] so I put extra extra effort into it. *grin*


Translated from: http://comic.kukudm.com/comiclist/346/8374/1.htm



Chapter 68 [ Goodbye ]

In bubble box: Question

What is Erza doing?

Choose from the 4 answers below!

1 – Admiring the sword’s make.

2 – Posing for a photograph.

3 – Intoxicated with self-satisfaction

4 – Playing [ Daruma-san Fell Down ] and is currently ‘freezing’.

# We won’t reveal the correct answer! Forgive us.

NOTE: Daruma-san Fell Down is a game in Japan that children play. One is chosen to be the ‘demon’ and chats ‘Daruma-san ga koronda’ when his/her back is turned. You have to freeze whenever the ‘demon’ stops chanting and turns to look at you, all the while trying to creep up on the ‘demon’.

NOTE: by ‘admiring a sword’s make’, I meant admire the excellent craftsmanship that went into making the sword, as well as the quality of the sword. In Mandarin it means something more but I feel that ‘sword’s make’ would be an adequate enough description.


In box: Heartfilia Mansion

BGW: The girl who ran away from home, Lucy returns a year later!

Is she…. Giving up on Fairy Tail!!?

Woman: O… Ou… ou… / Oujo-sama~~~!!

NOTE: Oujosama means princess or a high ranking lady.

NOTE: the ‘mansion’ in Mandarin actually meant the residence of a high ranking government official.


Servants: What did you say!!? / It’s oujo-sama— / Oujo-sama is back / uwaaa~

Maid: Oujo-sama… you’re safe and sound… I… Oujo-sama coming back… I’m really… uuu

Lucy: Supetto, I’ve made you worry. Sorry.

Sfx: bieeeeeee

Sfx: paoooooo

Glasses-man: Oujo-sama, new books from the East have arrived.

Old man: You didn’t skive off magical studies? Stellar Spirit magic is a magic based on trust and love…. Mutter mutter

NOTE: 唔涅 is read as ‘wu nie’. I take it to mean muttering.

Servants: Lucy Oujo-sama / Oujo-sama / Welcome back / Where have you been the whole year?


Chef: Oujo-sama is at that age. Did ya elope with someone, eh? Yeah?

BGW on right: This is youth…

BGW near nose: yep yep.

Lucy: There was no eloping.

Old man: Lucy Oujo-sama, you didn’t skive off magical studies?

BGW: Senile

Lucy: Nope!! No need to worry!!

Maids: I.. I!!!! / Paoooooo / Alright… / Ahahahaha

Old man: Lucy Oujo-sama, you didn’t skive off magical studies…

Chin man: Grandpa Belo, that’s enough!!! Furthermore, oujo-sama is over there…

Chef: Eloping is not a bad idea either, eh…. Oujo-sama?

Lucy: Everybody… still the same…

Servant: Oujo-sama, Goshujin-sama is asking for you in the main study.

NOTE: Goshujin-sama means master.

Lucy: His runaway daughter came home and it’s still [I’ll see you in my room] huh / that person didn’t change either.


Maid: come come, if you’re meeting Goshujin-sama, you can’t wear these tattered clothes.

Lucy: It’s fine like this…

Lucy: Pardon the intrusion / otou-sama.

NOTE: Otou means father. The –sama suffix is a honorary term.


Father: So you’re back. / Lucy.

Lucy: A thousand apologies for my unexplained departure. / I have reflected deeply on my actions.


Father: you’ve made a wise decision. If you’d persisted in idling in that guild / I would have used the power of my wealth to destroy it. / you finally understand, Lucy. / Your willful actions have caused trouble for those around you, I’m sure you’ve learnt a lesson from that. / You are a daughter of Heartfilia. You’re different from the rest. The world you live in is also different. / I’ve brought you back this time for this one thing. / Your betrothed has been decided.


Father: Jujanellu Family’s Sawalu Ouji-sama. / He’s said that he’s very interested in you in the past.

Sawalu: Yaa– / Lucy Oujo-sama—

Father: I’ve said this before.

NOTE:茱zhu荚jia涅nie鲁lu is the name. I put it as ‘Jujanellu’

NOTE:Ouji-sama means prince


Father: The Jujanellu family can help us Heartfilias expand our territory to the north. / This union is beneficial to our family’s future. / And you must bear a son. / To continue the Heartfilia bloodline. / That’s all I have to say. / Return to your room.

Lucy: Otou-sama.


Lucy: Please don’t misunderstand. / I came back with the sole purpose of telling you my decision. / Leaving home without a word was wrong of me. It’s no different from running away. / So this time I’ll tell you my feelings honestly. / And leave this house again.


Lucy: If you dare lay a finger on Fairy Tail again / I… and everyone in the guild, will take you for an enemy!!!!! / If you hadn’t done something like that we could’ve talked nicely. / But it’s too late. You’ve already hurt my comrades deeply.


Father: Lucy…?

Lucy: I will walk on the path of my own choosing!!! / Don’t decide on my marriage for me!!! / And don’t touch Fairy Tail ever again!!!


Lucy: What I need is not riches or pretty clothes. / It’s a place where I’m recognised for being myself. / Fairy Tail is my other home. / It’s a home that is a thousand times more caring than this one. / Though I’ve left for a period of time, leaving this home where Mother and I lived was painful.


Lucy: Supetto, Grandpa Belo, Libon… Eido…

Chef: waaaa

Lucy: Parting with them was painful as well. / But… If Mother was still alive… / I’m sure she would’ve told me to do what I like.


Lucy: Goodbye / father.

NOTE: The words in the box are exactly the same as on the tombstone. Just replace the ‘X748 – X777’ with ‘Year748 – Year777’


Voice: You went to visit your Mom’s grave!!?

Lucy: yep.

Happy: Eh.. Lucy’s Mom’s….

Voice: Happy, shaddup.

Lucy: you guys… I’ve made you worry, sorry.

Gray: So we wasted our time huh… / speaking of which, clothes…

Erza: Don’t mind Gray. We were at fault for jumping to conclusions too.

Natsu: Happy kept crying

Happy: Wh… … Who cried!!


Natsu: Say, this neighborhood is spacious.

Lucy: Uh… um. This is the garden. From here all the way to that mountain is my family’s property. / ah? What’s wrong guys?

Natsu: Oujo-sama is here—

Gray: I feel proud of you all of a sudden—

Happy: Natsu and Gray have been shocked silly!!! Captain Erza, say something!!!

Erza: The sky… so blue…

Happy: Captain Erza’s losing it too—!!!

Text between frames: Delinquent, wildcat, and lady! ‘we have every type of person’ is the secret to getting more intimate!!

In boxes: To Mom in heaven / I / I think that without everyone, I wouldn’t be able to live on. / Because Fairy Tail has become a part of me.


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