MX0 – ch80

Completed scanlated work:

These MX0 translations were done for a group by the name of Franky-House.

Translated in 2008.

BGW = background words
And.. eeks! Sorry for the major names mess-up. Haha… Lesson 1, DO NOT use a kanji dictionary for Chinese translated names, to get to the Japanese name.
*Yoda voice* Learnt, I have, from that.
Words on left: Taiga, even if you’re busy with the Culture Festival, don’t forget about me…*heart*
Guy: It was hard on you all yesterday / because of your efforts, the Festival has ended safely.
BGW: Over in an eye’s blink
Guy: Today’s a normal Culture Festival without magic / You guys can put aside your work and enjoy yourselves
Members: Ho—!! / Duty free days are few and are between, Let’s drink our fill
BGW: Seinagi High has two Culture Festival days. / The first day is magical, the second day is a normal school festival. / For this day, to welcome normal guests, all things magical have been hidden.
BGW: Students are prohibited from using magic and their cards put in the care of teachers for that day, / In the school, all the words concerning magic have been erased. Likewise, magic clubs have been sealed off from the public. / and the barrier around the school has also been removed.
Sign in jap : No entry to unauthorized personnel.
Aika: Classes are hosting events for today’s festival, so Taiga has to give his best for 1-C too… / …aya? / Taiga-kun?
Guy: Lucy?
Taiga: Haven’t seen her around lately / where did she go? That rascal
Taiga: Yesterday too, If only she had told Daddy Hiiragi sooner, it would have been solved more quickly. / can’t be counted on when I’m in big trouble.
Hiiragi: Speaking of which, I haven’t seen her either. / didn’t seem like she went back to the principal’s office. / Actually since preparations for the culture festival started….
Lucy: Seems like the school can’t settle down / I’m going to find a place to sleep during the day~~~
Hiiragi: …… or something like that.
Taiga: Places for that rascal to have peace.. should be the principal’s office or the Gardening Club greenhouse, right? / she should be in the Gardening Club greenhouse…. I better go check it out.
Hiiragi: By the way, tell her that today’s magic lockdown day. Don’t come out the whole day! / here are the keys the school uses during lockdown for the back doors.
Aika: what are you two talking about so secretively? / who’s missing?
Taiga: ah? It was nothing? / something about a cat in the school
Aika: hu, Taiga-kun, hurry back to the classroom, everyone’s preparing.
Taiga: aa.. our class is opening a shop right?
Aika: yeah!! We’re in charge of the menu.
Taiga: Sorry, I have something important to do! I’ll be back when it’s done
Aika: a~~~ You can’t.. / We didn’t help with preparations, we promised we’d help out the whole day / else we’ll be scolded by everybody.
Taiga: Hey Lucy!! / Are you here? Where are you~~~ / strange, sleeping so de- / aaaa!!! / The mandrakes for experiments have been picked clean!! / What’s going on? / wha… WHAT!??
<- The Gardening Club Presents!!
Mandrake uprooting contest!
How many can you uproot in 3 minutes?
Taiga: Mandrake Uprooting Contest!? Was there such a thing yesterday? / Because of this the Mandrakes are gone. / !!! What if Lucy was in there…
Lucy: No~~~~!! Stop stop~~~ / Taiga, save meee~~~!!
Taiga: AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!! / This is horrible~~!!! / LUCY—
Guy: ah, the Mandrake Uprooting Contest? / Thanks to you, it went well, ahahahha!!!
BGW:  Club President – *cannot find name*
Taiga: AA!! Give it back to me!!!
Guy: Wha- what??
Taiga: Someone’s life is at stake here, what do you know!!! You bastard, you went picking too, did you!?
Pony-tail guy : What is it, taiga? You seem panicked.
Taiga: ah, the Drug Maker Club President / This bastard.. this bastard and mandrakes…!!
Pony-tail guy: The rest of the mandrakes are in the Drug Maker Club. / to be made into herbs
Taiga: !!? There are some lucky ones?
Pony-tail guy: By tomorrow they should be gone
Taiga: wa….!! Wait, wait a while / They’re in the club room right? Let me go check it out
Pony-tail guy : What is he up to?
BGW: I.. I’m so dizzy..
Taiga: If it’s her!! She can escape successfully!! / It’s not possible that she’ll dazedly let herself be picked!! It’ll be alright…
Aika: 1-C cosplay Coffee Shop! It’s very cute~~ / now you only have to wait 5 minutes to enjoy it
Kumi: Aika, It’s hectic now, so the waiting time is 15minutes
Aika: Looks like a hit!!
Kumi: Yep!! If it continues like this, we’ll get the Most Patrons award. / Aiya? Taiga..
Aika: Finally here!! Alright~~Taiga..
Kumi: ah…. What? That guy.
Aika: What’s wrong, what a worried expression… / Could it be? Something happened again!? / Kumi, I’m sorry, I need to go somewhere!!
Kumi: Hu—huh? Wait, Aika!!
Taiga: Hah Hah / Where is it?
Taiga: Lucy!! Are you there? / Lucy Lucy!!
Voice: Lucy / Lucy Lucy Lucy Lucy / cyLucy
Taiga: What… / a…. AAAAAHHHH…
Taiga: The blended herbs…is it this? / Is this Lucy!?
Voice: Lucy
Taiga: How can it be… / You’re lying!!! / LUCY— / AAAAAAAHHHH
Girl: Who’s there? / Taiga, what are you doing in the Drug Maker Club? / Uh.. Taige, this… / Um..
Aika: Ah!! Naomi-chan. / did taiga come here?
Naomi: That guy took the bucket and ran off… / what happened? His face looked as though it’s the end of the world.
Taiga: There is plenty of sunlight here.. / If it’s magic plants, maybe they’ll regenerate. / Hu.. huhu..
Taiga: I’m sorry Lucy…. Because I wasn’t there, this happened.. / I’m really sorry. / Waaaaa~ if I knew this would happen, I shouldn’t have brought you down from the mountain. / It’s all my fault—!!
Lucy: What’s wrong? Taiga, what bad things have you done?
Taiga: Lucy… she’s gone someplace far away..
Lucy: huh? Not very far, I only went back to the cave in the hill
Taiga: LUCY!!
Lucy: I’m back~~ Though I want to say this….. But I’m off by 1 day aren’t I? It’s the Culture festival now.
Taiga: y-you’re alive! / But the mandrakes said that was you
Lucy: huh? Oh, you mean those leftovers? Those are my friends’ juices.
Taiga: leftovers? BGW: Lucy -> Juice
Taiga: Then, you’re really alright
Lucy: Aren’t I dancing around in front of you now?
Taiga: That’s great~~!! / I thought you vanished without a word!!!
Lucy: ah, It hurts, it hurts—! / a… but I’m kind of happy..
Naomi: I think..
Aika: eh… there was something going on after all? / Mandrake?

Naomi: that reminds me.. that guy used to talk to empty spaces…


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