Kekkaishi 138 – The truth behind the box (Scanlated)

Completed scanlated work:

This Kekkaishi translation was done for a group by the name of Franky-House.

Translated in 2008.

NOTE: I’m translating from Mandarin and Japanese. I refer to the tankobans when the Mandarin raw is too blurred or when there’re names to translate.
Pages 30 – 39
Misao: Let me go!!
Guy: You brat… / Stop struggling!!
Misao: Noo— / aa…
Chapter 138 – The truth behind the box
Guy: he…
Misao: Nawata!!
Misao: Come on!!
Guy: ugh… / Don’t…
Akira: Misao-neechan!
Misao: haa… / haa… / haa…
Voice: Aaaaaaaargh / gyaaaaaar
Akira: Misao-neechan…
Misao: Akira…
Chapter 138
The truth behind the box
Hatori: eh? You mean…
Masamori: The spell just lost its effect on the box / and we did nothing to it…
In box: Yagyou headquarters
Masa: though demons are still appearing… / We’re checking all the boxes that we’ve found…
Hatori: Then… The children?
Masa: We have yet to find them.
Hatori: I understand. I’ll investigate on this side too.
Guy: Miki-san / Okuni-sama requested all of us to gather…
Yoshimori: So? / What have you found out?
Okuni: That’s about it… / Please pay attention to the box over there. / Begin.
Okuni: It was too difficult to dispel it, so they broke the spell by force. It’s just a normal box now… / Everyone, please look inside.
In box: Four
Yoshi: Four?
Tokine: Is that the number of the box?
Bgw: It’s been split apart…
Okuni: Humans and demons can come in and out of this box… / Just how is this done?
Okuni: Put simply… / That isn’t a box for storing things / but an entry and exit.
Yoshi: You mean to say that this box can connect to certain places?
Okuni: Didn’t I say it already? / This ability user is like you… / He can manipulate dimensions.
Yoshi: aah? / What did you say?
Okuni: Oyaoya / You didn’t get it? / Let me show it to you.
Sfx: chiirin
Yoshi: ah…
Sfx: mishii / zu / zuzu
Tokine: Library?
Sfx: bararararararara / bachin
Yoshi: What was that… Just now…
Okuni: I was looking through my records, / check to see who the perpetrator is. / The technique was unique, so I found out pretty quickly.
Yoshi: Haa?! You know who it is already?!
Bgw: But just now…
Hatori: Okuni is the deepest of the Urakai’s archives…The keeper of the archives’ depths. 
Masa: She is the one who is most adept at retrieving information from the Urakai archives depths… / it wouldn’t hurt to get into her good graces. 
Hatori: I see. / Pardon me, Okuni-sama…
Okuni: yes?
Hatori: The spell on the box was suddenly dispelled on the Yagyou’s side… / That is…
Okuni: Oya, if the situation was unnatural, then it might be… / because that ability user is dead.
Hatori: Ability user, dead?
Hatori: But… / The boxes here should have spells on them.
Okuni: Generally speaking, there are limits to the ability user’s range. / When twisting dimensions, he has to have to power to connect the two dimensions. / If the user is so powerful that he can oversee both the Yagyou Headquarters and Karasumori at the same time… / It’s impossible that I’d not know of him.
Hatori: That means…
Okuni: This discussion ends here.
Yoshi: what do you mean? / Haven’t all the mysteries been solved?
Okuni: Yes, they have. But… / When did I say… / that I’d tell you what I’ve learnt?
Yoshi: Wha… / WHAT—–? / Are you kidding me? If you’re not talking, then hurry up and get…
Sfx: piki—n
Sfx: do / do / do /do
Yoshi: demons…
Madarao: There’s one in each cardinal direction!! / They’re all really strong!!
Okuni: Fufufu… Then I’ll sit by and watch.
Voice: We’d agreed that we’ll cause havoc till dawn… / I don’t care anymore. / You dare make my brother… / I’ll make you see hell.
In box: 双子の箱使い(弟)
Twin Box User (Younger Brother)
角志野 礼二
Kakushino Reiji

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