Kekkaishi 131 – A Troublesome Guest (Scanlated)

Completed scanlated work:

This Kekkaishi translation was done for a group by the name of Franky-House.

Translated in 2008.

NOTE: I’m translating from Mandarin and Japanese. I refer to the tankobans when the Mandarin raw is too blurred or when there’re names to translate.
NOTE2: ‘Tengo’ is ‘ogre’. ‘Ootengo’ is ‘Big Ogre’ or ‘Giant Ogre’.

Translated from:

Pages 49 – 58
Chapter 131 – A Troublesome Guest
Yoshi: uu… / I’m at my limit.. / If I don’t get back and sleep… I’ll die!! / I… am back…
Father: Yoshimori!
Bro: Yoshi-nii!
Yoshi: Futon…
Bro: It’s bad! / we have a guest!!
Chapter 131 – A Troublesome Guest
Yoshi: call it to go away.
Bro: But it said it wanted to meet a Kekkaishi..
Yoshi: what does a demon want with me? I’m sleepy!! / Besides, I’m not the only Kekkaishi. The old fart? What about the old fart?
Bro: Grandpa went with the Elderly Association on a hiking trip.
Yoshi: that damned geezer! He went to enjoy his elderly life at this time!! And he said that he’d never retire!!
Bgw: aha—-
Bro: Anyways, right now we can only depend on Yoshi-nii. / I… still can’t do it….
Father: Yoshimori… Though Daddy cannot see it… should I make some tea for the guest?
Yoshi: No need!!
Yoshi: hey. / what is it?
Demon: Actually it’s like this… / I wish to seek your assistance in..
Yoshi: I refuse.
Demon: aya? But I haven’t put forth my request…
Yoshi: I’m sleepy now. So I can’t lend you a hand. / speaking of which, do you know that we have other Kekkaishi just next door?
Demon: ey… that’s because it’s not convenient to tell females about this…
Yoshi: huh? / Wait a minute, this fellow is a demon, yet it can move around freely during the day…
Demon: Please help us! We’ll reward you!
Yoshi: this means it either has some special ability, or it’s a really powerful demon. / then… lets hear it.
Demon: you’re really willing to listen?
Demon: Please excuse my intrusion, / The humble one is the servant of Aibasan’s Ootengo, Kokuunsai. The name is Shidou.
In box: Karasutengo
Yoshi: Aibasan? / I remember I’ve been there before…
Shidou: Yes. / it is a Reizan near a village…
Yoshi: Reizan? / That means, you live in a Shinyuuchi?
Shidou: Yes. My master Kokuunsai is Aibasan’s Land God.
Bgw: That’s correct.
Yoshi: Land God huh…
Shidou: The one who needs help is none other than my master… / Kokoonsai-sama is the highest class of demon, has great strength, and he has reached that age…
Shidou: For the continuation of Aibasan, we wish that Master… / will hurry and continue his bloodline.
Yoshi: Har? Continue his bloodline? / I only know how to make Kekkai..
Shidou: … / that… / This is too much… / At this crucial time Master has to fall in love with a woman, and he spends most of his time on the ground, unwilling to come back…
Yoshi: haa?
Shidou: I really don’t know what that perverted old man is thinking!! / Geeze! From dawn to dusk he follows that woman around!! / He’s a demon, but he likes a human female!!
Shidou: Master is strong and powerful, if we try to force him to stay, we won’t be able to take it!! / I’ve already had enough of this daily life endangerment, and chasing after my skirt-chasing Master!!
Yoshi: ah… thanks…
Bgw: wa—- / I’ve had enough of this life—–
Bro: No wonder it can’t ask the Yukimuras for help.
Shidou: Therefore, I hope you can use kekkai, and shut that old geezer on the mountain!!
Yoshi: hoho… I know what you mean… huh? / eh? Speaking of which, I’ve never heard of a female Tengo… How do you continue the bloodline? / ah, so there really are female Tengo?
Shidou: ah… uh… to be more precise…
Shidou: like dividing… more or less.
Yoshi: Dividing?
Shidou: when the time comes. / ah! This part of our conversation, please keep it ‘off record’ / bgw: oops
Yoshi: ‘off record… ‘ / eeh? Then why does he like a girl? / bgw: there’s no need for a female!
Shidou: Master said it’s because of that, he’s more energetic…
Bgw: looks into the distance
Yoshi: hmmm… forget it… / anyway I’ve seen a Land God before… / I’ve also been to many battlefields… I should be able to do it. / This is a good chance… / I grant your request.
Shidou: yayaa, really? / Thank you so much!! 
Yoshi: But I have a condition. / I want to ask that ootengo some questions. / about Karasumori…
Shidou: Karasumori? / yes… / we are still young, and there are still many things we have yet to know… But if it’s Kokuunsai-sama, it’s possible that you’ll get your answer. / however… / even if it’s a reward for helping us.. / The highest classed demons… / do not communicate directly with humans.
Shidou: He could be telling you the truth, and he could not. / if you don’t ask correctly, you might anger him. / when it comes to that even we cannot help you. / regarding this… you better prepare mentally for it. / then, without further ado..
Yoshi: hey! Wait! / shoes! Shoes!
Shidou: alright, hurry. / here… / grab hold of my legs.
Yoshi: e—————–h!? / hey— hey— / what’s going on here!
Father: Yoshimori!!
Bro: Yoshi-nii!!
Voice: eh? / sumimura-san, look! What a pretty flower.
Grandpa: oh. / You like wild chrysanthemums, Tami-san? / why don’t I go down and pick one for you.
Tami: e? / It’s ok Sumimura-san, don’t force yourself.
Grandpa: relax, my legs and back are still nimble. / aaa, they’re so cute..
Bgw: UWAAAAAaaaaaaa
Grandpa: what’s going on… I thought I saw my grandson flying in the sky… / no way no way, it’s impossible! It’s a hallucination! Hallucination!
Grandma: taa–!!
Grandpa: hoagya–!! / What the?
Grandma: To think that you’d use your hands to pick wild flowers, no class…
Grandpa: you shut up! Is hitting people with a fan classy? Old Hag!! / dammit! Why is this old hag in the same Elderly Association!!
In box: A: because they live in the same neighbourhood.
Yoshi: we’re above the clouds…
Shidou: this is so that even if someone climbed the mountain… / he wouldn’t be able to get to the castle at the top. / Past these clouds…
Shidou: Is our castle
Shidou: we’re here. / Hey—- / I’ve brought the guest!!
Bgw: my arms hurt… / This place is huge… what’s it like…
Bgw: hua…
Shidou: seems like he just went out… can you wait for a bit?
Yoshi: then can I sleep for a bit?
 Yoshi: a groan?
Voice: Let me go~~~~~~!!
Yoshi: eh? / wa—!
Shidou: yaya, Master has returned.

Yoshi: Oo . ten . go —–?



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