Why was there no release last week?

Dear readers / followers / leechers,

I am sure all of you have noticed a sudden decline in releases. This is, unfortunately, due to my declining health. I’ve seen the doctor and the results were good. Estimates indicate I’ll be fully ‘cured’ sometime next year. Good thing is, it is not typically fatal but might require surgery depending on the development of the condition.

I am constantly drained of energy and experience mild dizziness and headaches that come and go. This leaves me almost no ‘free time’. I told myself several times that I’d just have a rest for 15 mins, or take a short nap for half an hour, only to wake up hours later, still drained. My bladder’s capacity has decreased radically and the toilet has become the second most visited room in my home. The Flu Fairy also visited me last week, blessing me with a running nose and cough. The coughing made me vomit a few times. Also, my immunity has taken a plunge and an infection that developed has affected my ability to walk for extended periods. Imagine needles in your skin whenever you take a step.

All in all, according to the doctor, I should feel better in a month when the worst is over. For now, I’ll try to release a chapter once a week, or when I feel well enough.

In essence: Pregnancy is taking a toll on my body. Chapter releases will be slow until I feel better. 

Thank you all for your understanding and support.


25 thoughts on “Why was there no release last week?

  1. You had me going there until I read the second paragraph. Give me back my cold sweats!!!

    Congratulations on your pregnancy. The conditions might continue until your 2nd trimester, but some expecting mothers only have them for 2 months at most. Here’s hoping you belong to the later. Looking forward to your next release, but don’t push yourself too hard 😉

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  2. Sooo…. when’s the next chapter coming? 😀

    Nah sorry for the (bad) joke, but i hope you get better. Feel free to take your time getting better, especially if you have to take care about the two of you.

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  3. Congratulations, and take as much time as you need. I had no idea that you were suffering like this, and sincerely hope you have a full recovery!

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