MX0 – ch89 Level 1 (Scanlated)

Completed scanlated work:

These MX0 translations were done for a group by the name of Franky-House, in conjunction with another group called Mahou-X.

Translated in 2008.

Words on left: I am the previous principal of Seinagi Private High. You wish to obtain the Black Plate?
<The story so far>
Kuzumi doesn’t know any magic, yet he attends a magic school and is known to be the best magic user in the school. Kuzumi got through the exam and was ecstatic to learn from the principal that if he had the Black Plate he’d be able to use the magic of others. But Kuzumi has to get the approval of… a spirit?!
Taiga: Sp…spirit? Of the previous principal? / this is all too sudden.
Bgw: Encounter with a spirit?!
Spirit: It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe me. / As long as you understand and know that the North Grounds are my territory. / If you want any wish to be granted you’ll have to listen to my commands…
Taiga: You say you’re the principal’s father but you look like a kid. How old are you?
Lucy: Their eyes are similar.
Spirit: Ahahaha… Didn’t I say that you should be respectful? Did you understand?
Lucy: Ta…Taiga~~~ / What are you doing!! / …eh? / ah
Spirit: Nobody can touch me, but I can touch others. / hmm… you’re a little different from spirits.
Lucy: So it’s actually the use of magic to replace your old body, right.
Spirit: Since it was a rare chance I thought I’d choose to appear as my young self. / My name is 花先音弥 Hanasaki Otoya, 102 years old. / I am now the one in charge of the grading of the Black Plate.
Taiga: Grading?
Spirit: The Black Plate is created by adding a special magic to the plate. / The plate will then have the ability to temporarily store magic. You know this, don’t you? / This magic is very important. / Users with high magic capability would have more of it added to their plates, users with low magic capability would have less. / There are 10 levels in this test. / Your Black Plate will have magic added to it in accordance to the levels completed. / This place was actually for outstanding Third Year individuals. It’s not a place a powerless chump like you should come to.
Taiga: Powerless… / But we’ll forget everything about magic after graduation… so what’s the use in testing us?
Taiga: And the principal did say that if I had a normal plate, I’d have no need for a Black Plate. / Why do I have to specially come to get tested…?
Spirit: You’re just a First Year, so don’t worry about it. / anyways / This is no place for the likes of you. Go back.
Taiga: Don’t say that—- I really need this opportunity! / Don’t be so cold, help me out here!! / If I did anything disrespectful, I apologise. I beg you, I beg you!!
Spirit: It looks like you still don’t get it. / It’s not that I don’t allow you to take the test, it’s because you can’t.
Spirit: Didn’t I say that only graduating students come here? It also means that you’d have to be at a certain level in magic. / Even the lowest LEVEL 1 is a goal too far for you to reach.
Taiga: I haven’t even tested! How would you know!
Lucy: Yeah!! Taiga’s stamina is amazing!
Spirit: Cheh… How troublesome. / I was telling you for your own good. Fine, if you want to go so much, then go. / though I know for sure that you won’t make it. / I’ll take special care of you. I’ll let this Kusa go with you.
Taiga: EEEH!!
Spirit: The test was designed not for your body but for your magic. / I’ll use this fellow to force your magic ability out. / GO THEN!!
Taiga: WAA~~~~~
Taiga: AAAAA / WA—– / cough / cough / that was too much. / did we… come to somewhere even deeper underground? / Lucy, are you ok?
Lucy: Jeeze~~~~
Taiga: …EEEEEH?! / Lucy!! You… you……
Lucy: !!? Taiga’s become small!
Taiga: What?! It was I who became small?! / This is a plate?
Lucy: Wa~~~ yay~~~!!!
Taiga: Was it because I got hit by that hammer thing… / he said that it’ll hit the magic out of me, so this means that my current state is the measure of my magic. / It’s actually so small…
Lucy: The distance between Taiga and me has also lessened. / I really like this world~~~ hey, hey, why don’t we live here together—-!!
Taiga: What rubbish are you uttering—!!
BGW: Lucy is a type of living magic… So she’ll be bigger than her real body if it’s just showing magic capabilities.
Lucy: You didn’t have to reject so vehemently…
Taiga: Speaking of which, it’s lucky she wore clothes… / Well? / How the heck shall we begin?
Box: Ho ho, a unique challenger has come.
Box: the focus of this LEVEL 1 test is [Wall] / Well, climb up then.
Taiga: Climb up? This wall?
Box: The wall that you see now is my foot. / You have to climb past my leg and my waist. / And go forward towards my head further up.
Taiga: eeeh~~~~~~
Box: The horn on the top of my head is your goal. There is no time limit. Well, then. Start.
Taiga: …aah! Wait! How high is this!! / I can’t see the top of it! / And it seems that this wall has no holds!!
Lucy: It’s ok Taiga!! If it’s just this, I think I can carry taiga and fly up!!
Taiga: Ooh! So there’s such a solution! / Alright!!
Lucy: Heeeei—-
Taiga: Yay Lucy / I’ll pass easily like this / …WHAT? / WAA… / Don’t you think you’re too much! What if we died!
Box: You don’t have to worry. It’s not your real body, so you won’t die. / You won’t die even if you fell halfway up.
Taiga: hu… / This isn’t the magic exams. / How can I climb up a wall like this with no magic? / If I had a lot of magic, I’ll be much bigger and have a way to climb up…
Box: If you want to fly, I’ll hit you down. / You can use any way to get up, but you have to climb.
Lucy: It’s impossible to carry Taiga and avoid that hand.
Taiga: Really? Then I’d just have to climb then. / But can such a simple method work? / A wall so high I can’t see the top…
Spirit: To think Otome sent someone like that here. What the heck is she thinking. / then again, I handed the reins over to her 40 years ago. / I can’t say anything about what she wants to do. / Even if this guy gets the Black Plate, he won’t bring it out of the school just yet.
Spirit: Hmm~~ Looks like he won’t be coming back soon. / It’s an empty shell anyway. / I’ll borrow it for a while……
SpiritBody: Ooh… This is really… / Quite a good body. / It has supple muscles. I see…
Spiritbody: Sorry, I’ll borrow this for a while. / I haven’t been outside in decades.
Taiga: Huaaa—-
Lucy: You can do it, Taiga!!
Taiga: Ug / Ughhh…
BGW: Work hard, climber Kuzumi!!

M:89 / END


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