MX0 – ch88 Black Plate (Scanlated)

Completed scanlated work:

These MX0 translations were done for a group by the name of Franky-House, in conjunction with another group called Mahou-X.

Translated in 2008.

Words on left: Black MO plate!! What will happen after the magic exam…!!
<The story so far>
Kuzumi doesn’t know any magic, yet he attends a magic school and is known to be the best magic user in the school. Near the end of the exam, Kokuha-neechan appears in front of Taiga! Taiga gets half the life beaten out of him but he preservers, and passes the exam!!
M: 88 Black Plate
Ise: I did it! My plate’s been upgraded—!! / I did better this time round, so I got a righteous R.B plate~~~~ / all thanks to Kuzumi.
Haya: But your morning trainings helped too didn’t they. / I got a W.B plate… I’m slower than you. Well, I’ll have to catch up at the next exam.
In box: The exam is over. Upgrading of the students’ plates has begun. / First Years now have B plates and will advance from there.
Bgw: Red B / white B / blue B / yellow B
In box: Normally, First Years and Second Years start out with basic metal plates and advance from there.
Next to box: Basic Metals
On bottom row of diagram (right to left): Rare metals / Platinum / Strong Alloys
In box: For the next two years, those who emphasize on consistency are of the Platinum plate. Those who emphasize on spells are of the Rare metals plate. And there are those who don’t use a lot of spells but have strong magic. These are the Strong Alloys plate users.
Haya: Among the First Years, 3 have upgraded to a B plate. Daimon from Class F is one of them.
Ise: wow.
Hiiragi: so… / Everything went well this time. We can relax for now.
Taiga: Yeah, I feel tense every time we have an activity.
Principal: Regrettably, you didn’t use any magic using the exam, so your score was rather low. / but you still have the points from the Magic Executive Committee.
Taiga: If you hadn’t forced me to join, even if I’d passed the exam, my points would probably not be enough. I don’t know if I’m lucky or unlucky…
Hiiragi: So? What have you decided? What will you do about the plate upgrading this time?
Taiga: er… Um~~~
Lucy: Taiga will stick to the M0 plate! Right, Taiga? / If you change to a normal plate then I’ll be even less of use to you, won’t I~~!!
Taiga: OW!
Lucy: I couldn’t help at all in this exam!! Geeze~~~ And I’ve already decided that I’ll keep helping Taiga forever~~~
Taiga: OW! OW! / Hmm… it’s not possible for me to change from M0 now.
Taiga: but—-
Principal: heh heh… so you want to have a taste of what using magic’s like / …hmm
Taiga: um… yeah. / During exams and class competitions, I kept thinking [If I could use XYZ magic…] / every time I think of using someone else’s magic to do something / I feel so empty when I realise I still can’t use magic. / even so, losing M0 would pose trouble for me. If I can have two plates–
Principal: Meaning you’d like to keep the M0 plate / and be able to use some magic as well, yes?
Hiiragi: Pr…Principal!!! / What did you say!! / It’s too reckless…
Taiga: Is that really possible, Principal?! / really? Really? SERIOUSLY?!! / Isn’t impossible to add spells to the M0 plate? / do you mean to say that it can actually be done? / UWAA~~~
Hiiragi: You’re such an annoyance… / Principal!! Don’t you think you’re being too lenient!!
Principal: Isn’t it time to use this chance and tell him?
Hiiiragi: But…
Principal: Kuzumi… the M0 plate doesn’t have the capacity for spells. / but all plates can be tweaked to have some added functions.
Taiga: Added functions?
Principal: It’s called [Black Magic Manipulation] / it gives normal plates a special layer of magic. And the plate itself may automatically register it. / That magic layer is black, so it’s called [Black magic Manipulation]
Principal: this type of magic will save small quantities of the magic it has come in contact with.
Taiga: save?
Principal: Think of it as a magic thumbdrive of sorts. / a small portion of the magic that’s being used will be saved on the plate. And this magic can be used later. / but it only has space for one. When it’s been used up the plate will be empty. / This function is useless if you have a normal plate. / because the magic can be used again if needed.
Taiga: Useless for a normal plate… If it’s not a normal plate…
Taiga: But for me, after I use M0…
Principal: kekeke / mo is not magic, so it won’t be saved. / and it doesn’t have to be your magic to be saved.
Taiga: …ahh!! / that means I can take a bit of the magic of others!! / to keep M0 and be able to use magic… / Principal—–!! / Why didn’t you tell me this earlier!!
Principal: because it would’ve been useless even if you knew.
Principal: I fear that it’ll be difficult for you to have added functions now. / even so, do you want it? / The work to be done on this plate is very delicate. We need a specialist. There is no one else but him in this school who can do this. / If you want the added function on your M0 plate, you have to get him to agree to it.
In box: Seinagi Private High School – North Grounds.
Taiga: What ‘it’ll be difficult’… How can I not come to request it after knowing of something so good?
Lucy: but there’s nothing here.
Taiga: She said that it’s near the stone sculpture in the North… but… / there’s only the stone sculpture here… / and she said to use this.
Lucy: Could it be this over here? The indentation is similar in shape to what you have.
Taiga: What’ll happen?
Taiga: Stairs!! / Is it asking me to go down…? I don’t know if I can come out again.
Lucy: It’s alright, I’ll go with you. / Listen up! Even if Taiga can use magic, let me try to help first! / Get it? / Use magic only when I can’t help you. Ok? Ok?
Taiga: ye..yeah, stop pulling!! / I didn’t expect that there’ll be a place like this…
Voice: Is it you? / The boy with the M0 plate.
Taiga: There’s someone…? / it doesn’t look like a student. / Um… / it vanished?!
Voice: I got the news.
Lucy: Taiga!! Behind you!
Voice: What a strange follower. Is that (Chinese reading: Mai Tuo Wei) Mitolv? Mitolv?
Taiga: When did he…
Lucy: Taiga!! Look, that guy… / Has no feet?!!
Voice: Of course, that’s because I’m a spirit. / Why would I have something like feet? / I am the father of Otome, the current principal. I was the previous principal of Seinagi Private High, so be respectful.
Hiiragi: Principal… / Don’t you think it was too early to tell him about the Black Plate?
Principal: Oh? I had to tell him sooner or later, so why not sooner? / If it’s Kuzumi, he just might be able to obtain it. / I look forward to that.
Hiiragi: If it’s Kuzumi… Do you really think so?
Principal: of course. / a good contestant must be a good supervisor. / In other words, a good leader is not necessarily a good contestant. / Kuzumi doesn’t have the capacity for magic but he does have the capacity for the usage of magic.
Principal: He will be a great asset to this school in time to come. / that’s why I feel it is better for him to come in contact with the black plate sooner.
Hiiragi: But… the Black Plate is the secret of this school. / I still feel that it is too early.
Principal: Even if he knows a little too much, it wouldn’t be a problem. I’m not worried at all…
Bgw: Seinagi Private High School’s secret is…?!
M:88 / End
Next, the school’s secret will be revealed?!
Will Kuzumi get the Black Plate?!

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