Kekkaishi – ch114 Outside a Different World (Scanlated)

Completed scanlated work:

This Kekkaishi translation was done for a group by the name of Franky-House.

Translated in 2007.

Pages 76 – 85
Yoshi: I knew as soon as I came here
Yoshi: It’s him! / He’s there!!
Kaguro: Ah.. / here comes a more interesting fellow… / I’ve no business with you now.
Aihi: Gu..
Kaguro: Young, brave straightforward kid… / seems like he wants revenge for his friend. Bgw: heh heh
Kaguro: Foolish ones are the best after all.
Aihi: Hey.. Kaguro… / we are… / too weak.
Kaguro: you continue… / to stay in this cage.
BGW: Kaguro— / I strive towards what you hate… / Weak humans can be easily eliminated by us demons.. / But you’re uneasy too aren’t you? / Because we have nothing…. / Nothing at all…
Tokine: Grandma…
Grandma: Is that so…. / The portal to Kokuboro is complete. / This was made for this occasion… don’t hold back, use it.
Masamori: Thank you very much. / good, it’s going more smoothly than I thought.. / then, without further ado..
Voice: Just that…
Grandma: The world there has begun to crumble. / it’s only a matter of time before it completely collapses.
Tokine: What would happen… if it collapsed?
Grandma: You can say that it disappears, but that’s not accurate… / when the support of that world has vanished, / everything in it will lose form.
Grandpa: Of course, living things inside would experience similar effects… / there’s no time.
Tokine: Yoshimori…
Masamori: Everyone, gather around.
Masamori: Everybody heard that, this is very dangerous. / so the team members for this mission have to be strong and quick. / First is me… / Mukade / yes… / Hakudo and Odo / yes. / Next is… / Hakota.
Hakota: eh… huh? / me? Me?
Masamori: In order to find Yoshimori and Kagemiya, I need your sight.
Bgw: Don’t know what to do
Woman: Son!
Bgw: what do I do, mom.. / Son! Men must have guts!
Masamori: Kosei. / you partner Hakota. / yes
Guy: Chief! I also…!!
Voice: We don’t need two.
Masa: Hatori
Hatori: yes!
Masa: you take charge of the rest of them.
Hatori: Chief, can I clarify something?
Masa: what?
Hatori: The objectives of this mission… Is to rescue your brother and Kagemiya, then destroy everything… is that correct? *note: not sure if it’s ‘destroy everything’. The text was blurry*
Masa: Yes.
Hatori: I understand.
Grandpa: I’m going too.
Masa: But Grandpa..
Tokine: Sumimura-san! / Me too… / I want to go too.
Masa: Sorry Tokine, we need strong and quick people…
Tokine: I’m prepared!
Grandma: Tokine / don’t be like that.
Tokine: Grandma.. I can manage.
Grandma: no.
Tokine: but if we don’t hurry…
Grandma: you need to recognise the situation in front of you. / If you go, you’ll only put everyone more danger. / Think carefully about what you have to do. / Don’t I always remind you, that you have to think carefully before you act?
Bgw: uuu…
Tokine: I really… can’t do anything to help?
Grandma: it’s enough to let the young Sumimura act recklessly. / As the legitimate successor, to abandon Karasumori, and even his life.. he should feel ashamed. / pass this message on to him for me. / do you hear me?
Masa: Grandpa, if you die it’ll be problematic…
Grandpa: Shut up!! As if I’ll die that easily! / tokiko… / it’s been hard on you.
Kaguro: it’s better outside.
Kaguro: heyhey, / what a waste of energy
Yoshimori: Show yourself, Kaguro!! / Metsu!!
Yoshimori: Kaguro… / is that you…

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