Kekkaishi – ch113 The Man Who Doesn’t Die (Scanlated)

Completed scanlated work.

This Kekkaishi translation was done for a group by the name of Franky-House.

Translated in 2007.

Pages 67 – 76
Kage: Stop thinking about revenge. / Maybe it’s because he’s fighting, I feel a very strong demonic aura…. That guy’s strength.. / If I have to rate it, that guy’s danger level exceeds A rank, an S rank.. / though young, he’s a pure battle type, and his skill level is high too. / abilities-wise, he is also specially made for combat. / Demons are naturally better at combat, combat types are differentiated by them putting (battle) over (oneself). / Additionally, his body structure is human-like. / we all know human-like ones are dangerous. / because they’re intelligent… and well balanced in all aspects…
Kage: You must be crazy!!
Kaguro: Hey.. Aihi. / what.. / did you find out from humans? / tell me.
Aihi: Nothing.. / Humans are weak creatures.. / it’s that simple..
Voice: Ayayayaya
Guy: Recently my body has deteriorated a lot. / Chanting sutras for so long, before I finish, I’ll be finished. / hey.. I might not be able to leave my house and come here again…
Aihi: What are you doing?
Guy: Please.. / Please come to my house!!
Aihi: huh?
Bgw: Let go! If you don’t agree, I won’t let go!
Guy: because my body already.. can’t let me come here anymore!! / If I can’t see you, I’d rather die! / eat me—!!
Bgw: because he was so adamant, I gave in and agreed
Guy: ah.. grandpa fell asleep at the table again. / He’s already so old, can’t he just hand over the business to older brother? / ah.. don’t eat him, he’s old and tough, not tasty. / The women in my house are all hardworking and obedient. / ah, don’t be anxious, fatten them before you eat them. / next are my siblings..
Bgw: they’re still kids, very cute.. / everyone’s asleep.
Aihi: you’re not introducing them to me, you’re telling me not to eat them. / I’m leaving.
Guy: Uwaaa~~ wait! / till tomorrow… / leave tomorrow!! Please!!
Aihi: hey…
Guy: Leave tomorrow!! Leave tomorrow!! Please!!
BGW: be kind-hearted..
Aihi: Is that all you can say? / I’m leaving.
Guy: ah.. / it’s no use. / I spent several days.. / putting talismans all over this room. / you can’t leave.
Aihi: You…
Guy: If I don’t do this, you won’t stay. / I.. one more year and I’ll be dead. / to you, this amount of time is nothing isn’t it?
Guy: If you want to go out, then eat me. / The talismans will lose their power. / lonely nights… / I’ve had enough of those…
BGW: To be willing to die rather than be lonely, this way of thinking made me start to have an interest in these incomprehensible life forms.
Guy: ah, demon. Are you awake? Bgw: it’s evening already
Guy: hwa–!! / I don’t want— don’t want you like that!!
Aihi: Irritating…
Guy: Heyhey… I specially prepared a Yukata for you. I took it home from the shop. Bgw: wear it, wear it
Guy: hwa!! / I said I don’t want you like that!!
BGW: Those idle days, made me think humans were indeed boring life forms.
Aihi: Did someone die?
Guy: Brother, he… a man as healthy as him.. / He’d just succeeded the business… why– / I’m sorry demon. / Now.. I can’t die.
BGW: After that, it was as though he become someone else. / he said that it was his turn to support the family. / And everyone could only depend on him, his body was sickly, but he forced himself to do it… / However, for whatever reason, his body’s condition seemed to get better and had more life.
Aihi: Was he so tired that he fell asleep…?
BGW: I couldn’t figure it out. A weakling who couldn’t do anything for himself, how could he do so much for others… / what motivates this man?
Kaguro: ha! / Was that what you saw? / boring. / Or is it…you’re trying to say that family makes humans stronger? / because they’re weak, they need friends. / But friends are the weakest. / Those kind of things.. / are excuses of a guy who cannot stand on his own two feet.
Aihi: really.. / I’m starting to understand. / You’re uneasy too. / If others meddle with you, you’ll be confused… / right… Kaguro? / You do feel that the room has become more cramped now?
What is this… my body’s relaxing…
Kaguro: hey.. / what happened to that man in the end?
Aihi: He worked hard, till his siblings grew up. Soon after, he died.
Kaguro: What thoughts do you have?
Aihi: Nothing… I don’t think there’s a need to mourn for the death of food.
Kaguro: But you didn’t eat him.

Kaguro: I’m so disappointed… / you’ve had so much experience.. But you’re nothing special. / Don’t let your guard down in front of the dead. / What i want is real pain. / once you’ve shown kindness, demons become weak.


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