Kekkaishi – ch110 Deposit (Scanlated)

Completed scanlated work.

This Kekkaishi translation was done for a group by the name of Franky-House.

Translated in 2007.

Pages 40 – 49
Chapter 110 – deposit
Matsudo: Can’t move my legs…
Byaku: you’re right… / my ability is to implant bugs, then control my opponent. / but you haven’t grasped the details. / If preparations go well, I can send the bugs when the opponent is retaliating…. / and set the conditions.
Byaku: First I need to make marks on the opponent’s body, / and before the marks disappear, open the door. / The condition is that I have to say ‘begin’ / and the opponent answer with ‘come’. / I thought I needed to try many times till I succeed… / I didn’t expect that it’ll be a success on the first try…. / it’s all because you love to talk. / like this… / I’ve gained a path even demons cannot interfere with.
Matsudo: Kagami.. / you.. should be sensitive to curses like this. / you knew long ago didn’t you? / why didn’t you say anything? / because if I die… you would get my soul more quickly? / Damn… demon…!!
Byaku: then, here I come.
Mat-thinking: to betray me at a time like this… / i’ll have to risk it!
Matsudo: I’ll give you a deposit! / this right hand is yours! / battle!
Kagami: Hu.. / relax. The skull was not penetrated… sir. / I’ve hit his core. / to aim, I spent a bit more time..
Kagami: he has lost the power to control bugs, so he’ll be eaten by them soon. / why that expression? / Till death, I’m on your side. / ah.. sir… / there was something I found strange. Though that man has undergone many changes, essentially he’s still..
Matsudo: so… / you’re still human…
Matsudo: In the end you still lack resolve. / I thought you would continue faking death, and live on anonymously… / who knew that you’d continue living, / even scheme to take over Karasumori… if it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t have found you.
Risa: hey, Matsudo-san.. / i… / feel that I won’t last.
Risa: No matter what I say, / that person always loses his way… / when that happens.. / please take care of him.
Matsudo: Without saying, from the beginning to the end… / I had no plans to let her die and resurrect. / because I know that has no meaning. / I dug up your grave, to confirm your death. Obtaining her was just an added bonus…. / actually, I knew.
Matsudo: Because she…/ could never love me. / tell me. / Have you ever loved her?
Byaku: I… / have never loved anyone.
Matsudo: I’m powerless… / I couldn’t even keep a promise…. / even that guy can’t be saved…
Kagami: sir, don’t be sad. / sir, you have me don’t you?
Kagami: sir, did you know? / souls that have undergone trials… / will give off the most brilliant glow.
Matsudo: I finally know why you’re so frivolous. / You’re really not taking my right hand?
Kagami: keke.. I’ll take it another day.
Matsudo: I’m tired. / Take me away, Kagami.
Kagami: yes, / sir.
*Fuck what that fellow said about the Japanese original. 先生as it is used here seems like ‘darling’ to me. Typeset it however way you guys wish to anyway.
Kagemiya: Hey. / hey! / why are you running here and there?
Yoshimori: You can go back.
Kagemiya: How do I go back? / Hey!!

Kagemiya: you… / … / are looking for that Kaguro aren’t you? / I’ll… help you find him.


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