Kekkaishi – ch107 Rescue (Scanlated)

Completed scanlated work.

This Kekkaishi translation was done for a group by the name of Franky-House.

Translated in 2007.

Pages 13 – 22
Hime: Bya.. /Bya… / aa…
*note that 白 means ‘white’. It is also the first character in Byako’s name. Since she is crawling to get help, I assume she’s calling Byako.*
Chapter 107 – Rescue
Yoshi: Are you alright? / were you captured by them too? / ah, the leg too…
Yoshi: You… escape while you can. / This castle is…
Hime: Little boy… / Although you are human, you are a strange one… let me have a look.
Yoshi: he? / ho.. / aa?
Hime: ho? How scary… so you are the destroyer… / your motive is to destroy this castle… / should I kill you…
Yoshi: huh? / eh? What? Suddenly my head hurts and my vision is blurred…
Hime: destroying the castle… might be better after all… / ok, you can go. Staying here so long is no use. / but.. What a shame.. / Your powers could have been used on something more interesting…
Yoshi: aa… I’m still a little drowsy, so I don’t understand what you’re saying…
Hime: hororo.. / It can’t be helped… / Humans are too stupid. / Sooner or later you’ll remember… about finding the path that you must tread upon..
Yoshi: Huh? Who was she?
Yoshi: She should be a demon, but I didn’t sense any evil aura… / she was more like a precious hime… / hime? / eh…? / Hime… I heard that before somewhere…
Kagemiya: Will… / I die? / It’s dark… / There’s nothing here… / Damn…!! / I don’t want…!! / Though I’m a soldier… As a member of the Yagyou… I’ve long prepared to die anytime…
Kagemiya: Should I call the medic?
Gen: I’ll rest for a while.
Kage: A normal person would have been dead.
Gen: I’ve completed my mission. / so… / don’t tell anyone
Kage: you… / are not afraid that you’ll die?
Gen: No… / It’s the only thing I can do…
Kage: Do as you like.
Gen: Kagemiya / don’t tell
Kage: Putting on an act… / No he wasn’t! / That guy made his decision long ago.. so he had no reservations… / But i… I wasn’t clear at all!! / even he who was much much stronger than me… / almost as if he was indestructible… / compared to that, my resolve.. / I should die with more… / huu—?
Yoshi: a. / Yes… I found it!!
Yoshi: Found it so quickly, I’m awesome.
Kage: hu!! / hu!!
Yoshi: ho— still so lively—
Kage:…. You’re injured all over… / Why did you still come save me?
Yoshi: Can you stand? / We’re getting out of here.
Kage: wait!
Byako: Hime..
Heisuke: Found you.
Kage: Don’t tell me these.. / were all defeated by you?

Yoshi: yeah.. because they all came at me, so it was easier to deal with them. / But there are some rooms nearby with many weird things in them… / so I was told not to disturb them if possible… / eh? Who told me that? / huh?


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