Kekkaishi – ch 119 Come Out (Scanlated)

Completed scanlated work:

This Kekkaishi translation was done for a group by the name of Franky-House.

Translated in 2007.

NOTE: THE CHINESE SCANS SUCK. I’m double translating from Japanese and Mandarin. The lines with bullet points in front of them are from the tankonbans.
Pages  29 – 39
Masamori: Did Yoshimori cast this kekkai?
Kagemiya: should be… what should I do? / this guy has stopped breathing!
Masa: I’m afraid he overreached his boundaries, and entered a state of shock as a result… / this concentration of energy… / was cast by Yoshimori himself? / This isn’t Karasumori…
Kage: Captain!
Masa: Mukade. / Yes….
Chapter 119 – Come out
Grandpa: Wait, Masamori.
Masa: I have to think of something to solve this.
Chapter 119 – Come Out
  • Bald guy: Captain, is there any chance of destroying it?
Masa: no, I think there’s no way.
  • Mthinking: 侵人者invaders は完全are completely排除eliminated…
But aside from the caster, another person is included inside. This is different from Zekkai. / If I can hear voices.. / This kekkai should be not completely sealed… / Can I get in…
Masa: Dodge! / If you’re able to bring the caster back to consciousness, maybe we’ll have a way! / Think of a way to awake Yoshimori! / I’ll try from outside!
31-32. NOTE: the Chinese scans did a double copy.
Masa thinking: I’ll use my Zekkai and open a hole, destroying the entire Kekkai…. However doing it this way might destroy the caster’s consciousness…. / But there’s no time!
Kage: hey! / Wake up!
Masa: U… / damn, if this goes on, I won’t be able to hold up here!
  • Kage: Hey! / コラ!!HEY!!
Kage: I’m telling you to wake up!
Guys: It’s been dispelled! / Captain, are you alright?
  • Masa: aa… / 戻るぞ!Let’s return back!
Hime: bya… / this castle can’t make it! / Go away you useless man! There’s no use in keeping you! / Don’t come here! / Don’t look…
Byaku: Let’s go. / You hate such a chaotic place too, don’t you?
Shion: …. What did you say?
Hekian: The exit we used last time, many Yagyou are guarding it outside. / So I want to discuss with you. / this place now is full of holes, there are many places that we can use as an exit….
  • そう遠い所に出れる訳じゃない It appears to be somewhere distant.
 / I’m going to use these thousand eyes to find the exit… / Shion, why don’t you use your rod and help me?
Shion: where did the honourifics go?
Hekian: There is no more a need for that.
  • 白の蟲も抜けたし、Byaku’s bugs have been extracted….
/ And the castle is in this state. / It’s much too difficult. A gathering of this power, even if we were fresh we’d have problems….. / how can we still fulfil any objective?
  • Shion: アタシは。。。居心地よかったよ。I… felt that it wasn’t too bad.
/ I take care of some problems, pass some time, and have comfortable quarters…
Hekian: The situation is different now. / but, from what I’ve learnt, I’m going to change bodies.
Shion: hmm… / I don’t think that’ll be possible. / because, / you’re too inexperienced.
Shion: How’s that? / Byaku controlled you easily with bugs didn’t he?
Hekian: you… even you…
Shion: I was pretending. Just thinking that you put yourself on the same level as me got me pretty angry.
Bgw: <–sorry too small, can’t see anything…
Shion: In controlling puppets, I’m way ahead.
Shion: Then, / Lead the way, Hekian. / Kii—
Shion: bye! / hey, you fellas, let’s go!
Hime: Kokuboro… / has become so small… / Anyway… / I’ve already become an old grandmother…. / heng heng…. You’re such a fool… / Just a little more and it would’ve been a success.
Grandpa: eh? Bird? / What is that….?
Guy: Look! / Kokuboro has vanished…. / the surroundings are slowly becoming golden yellow… / this is…
This is a grassy plain….
Grandpa: Masamori?
Masa: Is that Kokuboro’s master?
Grandpa: let her go! / That fox is on her last wind.

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